Fundraising by Making the World a Better Place!

Thousands of people have successfully used our EASY, RISK_FREE FUNDRAISER to raise money for causes near and dear to their hearts. Whether raising money for a mission trip, a service project, an adoption, a school, club, sports team or even a beloved family member’s cancer treatment, we can help you reach that goal.

Sell our handmade products within your spheres of influence and keep 50% of your sales proceeds! The remaining 50% will be used to prevent human trafficking and exploitation by reinvesting it back into the families and community who created these beautiful pieces.

No Upfront Product Costs

We consign items to you. Select your products and pay only a $10 shipping fee.

50/50 Split of Sales Proceeds

We make it easy to submit 50% of your sales proceeds every two months.

FREE Return of Unsold Items

Send back any remaining items via a free shipping label that we provide.